The Boat Guy is a family-owned and operated boat dealership that has been servicing Winchester, Tennessee, and neighboring areas for more than 15 years. We are the exclusive dealer for the luxurious Centurion, Supreme, and Veranda boats and pontoons specializing in the highest quality, newest technology, and top performance. 

Our primary focus is wakeboarding, waterskiing and wake surfing. When considering the purchase of your new boat, we understand the importance of trust and honesty. When you are ready to invest in a new boat, The Boat Guy will be sure to make your experience outstanding. We will be there every step of the way; from boat delivery, new and unique accessories, winterizing, warranty needs and routine/yearly maintenance.

We have you covered every step of the way. We will always provide quality service to our customers and help make your decisions easier. You may walk in a stranger, but you will always leave as a member of The Boat Guy’s family.

Meet Our Team


Zac grew up in a small town up North with a boating season of about two months. Although he was an avid snowmobiler and snowboarder while there, he was clueless about what the South had to offer until he graduated high school and decided to visit his cousin in TN. After seeing an entirely new state, experiencing a completely different lifestyle, and a jam-packed week of playing on the water instead of in the snow, Zac quickly realized that this could be his new home. Having made new friends and connections while he was in Tennessee, Zac decided to reach out to the local boat dealership, Pirates Cove, for an entry-level position at their dealership.  Without hesitation, Zac was instantly offered a job, and his life would soon change forever. He went on to manage that dealership up until they were bought out. Not wanting to move away from TN, Zac became the GM for a boat dealership in Knoxville, where he would take that dealership’s growth to new levels throughout the next five years.  After moving back to central TN, where his family was originally from, he was asked by many of his former clients, “when are you going to open your dealership and stop working for someone else?” With ample support from his former clients and unbeknownst to him that he was stored in their contacts as “The Boat Guy,” Zac decided to replant his roots in Winchester, TN, as “The Boat Guy!”

Today, Zac has a beautiful wife, a daughter, and two sons who share the same passion and love for the water. When Zac and his family are not on the water, they still share their passion and love for the outdoors by working on the farm where they reside. Who would have ever thought that a former snowboarder and snowmobiling northerner would trade in the snow and subdivisions for water and land and become a southerner? Guided by two sayings, “everything happens for a reason; it’s up to us to take that reason and utilize it properly,” and “timing is everything,” Winchester, TN is now home to the fastest growing Centurion dealerships in the southern region…. The Boat Guy!


Brandon has been a local to the area for the better part of fifteen years. Starting his career at Pirates Cove, little did he know that he was working alongside what was soon to be one of his best friends and his future boss at The Boat Guy. Yes, Brandon and Zac worked together almost fifteen years ago at Pirates Cove! Not knowing what their future held at this point, Brandon and Zac took different paths but remained very close friends. Brandon went on to learn another side of the lake life, building and installing docks and boat lifts for his father, who had just started his own company, Dockscapes. Within a few years, Brandon found himself managing the company! After his father sold the business, Brandon remained on board until he had the opportunity to reunite with his former co-worker and close friend at The Boat Guy. No stranger to the boating industry and lake lifestyle, Brandon brings a vibe to the shop that nobody else can. There is no telling where you will find Brandon in the shop. He may be elbow deep with George and Jeff, behind the counter with Hanna, or out on a demo with Zac. He truly is a jack of all trades!


Being a veteran of the watercraft industry for 39 years, George Frassrand is known as “The King” of all technicians in the marine/watercraft industry. With 34 certifications, George can fix, repair, and/or upgrade anything from a canoe to a Centurion! He was born and raised in Winchester, Tennessee, and even though he has been to his fair share of lakes and oceans, he always returns to his favorite, Tim’s Ford. He has three children and six grandchildren and is a devoted resident during the summer months at the Blue Gill Marina, which he calls his second home. George is known for his love of water and his passion for watercraft. That being said, his job is technically his hobby. George brings a wealth of knowledge, intelligence, and efficiency to the Boat Guy that you can’t find anywhere else. If you don’t believe us, come by The Boat Guy and find out for yourself! 


Jeff has been a part of The Boat Guy team for several years. The one thing that Jeff specializes in is, Gatorstep. Gatorstep is a multiple-step process that has to be 100% accurate so that everything lines up the way that it is supposed to, and the customer receives the look and the added slip resistance and protection to their boat they desire. He has been through countless hours of training and will be more than happy to walk you through the process in person so that you receive the best option for your watercraft and needs.

Before joining The Boat Guy, Jeff served our wonderful country in the military. He has fought his fair share of battles in the field, and is not afraid to assist you through any tough decisions and battles with your watercraft once it is in his hands! Jeff is a proud father to two children, yet the best part is that Jeff’s boss is his cousin! When you bring your boat by, see if you can tell who is family and who isn’t…. A little hint – It’s not hard to tell! 

Customer Reviews

"If you own a boat, specifically an inboard, it can be a headache if you can’t trust your mechanic or dealer. I’ve dealt with many dealers over the years. Some good, some bad. None can compare to Zac, he’s the man! Extremely knowledgeable, performs the work as quick as he can and is all around a great guy. If you’re looking for an honest boat shop and you are remotely close to The Boat Guy it’s worth the trip! Ps: from all your customers we appreciate you Zac!"
Matthew Z
"Worked with Zach for more than 10 years. If you want high quality and professional work done, this is your guy. Other dealers/boat shops seem to consistently disappoint but I can honestly say that in 10 years and 2 boats, I’ve never been disappointed. Great guy, exceptional quality, and unmatched work ethic (and customer service!) Kinda like too many people moving to Nashville, my only concern about Zach is that word is getting out and he’s getting extremely busy !!"
Dustin G
"There are certain things you look for in boat mechanic: (someone who is trusting, knowledgeable, provides good service, interactive with their customers, and just all around good person). Zac with The Boat Guy is all of these things and more. Highly recommend this business for all your inboard/wake boat needs!"
Davis M

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